Steven M. Ledbetter

(415) 350-8272

Emeryville, CA


Stevo is a Product Designer specializing in user engagement. He's spent 10 years building companies, recruiting teams, performing user research, designing MVPs, and shipping products that help people live better lives.



2014 – Present

CEO, Product Lead, Co-Founder

  • Work with product teams to improve customer engagement by 2x and retention by 10x.
  • Raised a $150,000 seed and recruited a team to create the first behavior change iOS app for health coaches.
  • Designed, shipped, and marketed multiple products for customers on 6 continents with a remote team in 4 times zones.

Coach Stevo, LLC

2008 – 2014

Product Lead, Founder

  • Created digital platforms that maintained multiple communities with hundreds of customers.
  • Participated in the the creation of the first national Health Coach Certification from National Association of Sport Medicine.
  • Authored 100+ articles for MyFitnessPal with 1,000,000+ shares on social media.

Six Apart

2008 – 2008

Online Marketing Manager

  • Managed a team of 3 people to surface, design, and deploy new features for the marketing web sites.
  • Implemented first A/B testing for Six Apart web properties.

Design Within Reach

2006 – 2008

Website Manager

  • Coordinated the multi-million dollar project to move the website from in house and hard-coded onto a CMS.


Center for Self-Determination Theory



Health Experience Design Conference


Featured Presenter

Equinox High Performance Living


Contributing Scholar

National Association of Sport Medicine



Motivating Humans


A comprehensive, scientific guide to helping people stay motivated in a de-motivating world.

The Motivator


An Annual Motivation Science Journal.

Habitry Starter Kit


A 50-page guide for health coaches looking to get started in Habit-Based Coaching.

We Make Communities


Practical behavior change strategies for health coaches from Social Psychology.


John F. Kennedy University


Masters in Sport Psychology

University of Chicago


Bachelors in Philosophy

Harvard University


Undergraduate Coursework in Economics


Product Lead


Behavioral Psychology




Front-End Development

Graphic Design


Habitry iOS App

Product Lead, UX, User Testing, Research

A cutting edge behavior change app for health coaches.

  • Recruited and lead a team of 7 across 4 time zones to research, design, ship, and market.
  • 1,000+ users in 90 days.
  • 72% daily adherence and 68% user retention for 365 days.

Habitry Professionals

Product Lead, UX, Front-End Development

The first evidence-based, behavior change education for health coaches.

  • Designed and created a proprietary LMS to deliver a year-long group education platform in support of Habitry iOS.
  • Built, maintained, and marketed with a team of 3 producing daily content
  • Sold product and co-developed platform into the largest behavior change education in the UK.

The Motivator

Product Lead, Graphic Design, Writing, Marketing, Front-End Development

A quarterly research review of Motivation Science.

  • Created and shipped the 58 page MVP in 17 days.
  • Read by thousands of health coaches every quarter.

Worklete Basics Course

UX, Writing, User Testing

Behavior change strategy and implementation.

  • Audited the previous version of the product for Motivation Science best-practices.
  • Delivered feedback as a workshop for the product team.
  • Coordiated product team on creation of the latest version of LMS.

Conversa Chatbot Style Guide

UX, User Testing, Writing

Behavior change science strategy and style guide.

  • Audited product for adherence to Motivation Science best practices.
  • Developed a workshop on Motivation Science and Design for the product team.
  • Created a Behavior Change Style Guide to coordinate the chatbot writing team.