Managing Expectations

Here's what is most likely to happen.

Personal Email

I have push notifications set up on my personal email accounts. I respond to emails that are five sentences or less as soon as I have a free moment. Anything longer, I bucket into a folder that is checked and responded to in the morning and afternoon.

A note on confidentiality

If you would like to send me an encrypted message, please use this form. You can verify this is me at my keybase profile.

Business Email

If you have questions or comments about Habitry, the bettercast, or betterish, please use my business email address.

I do not have push notifications turned on for my business email address. I endeavor to check and respond to all emails twice a day, in the morning and afternoons.

IM Services

Signal, iMessage, SMS

I have just about every messaging service in the world, but I have push notifications turned off for all of them except Signal. I go through these apps (Facebook messenger, telegram, etc.) twice a week and tell everyone to email me. If you have something you wanna talk about, skip this step and shoot me an email.

Phone Calls

Schedule a Phone Call

If you want to talk about something that doesn't fit into a five-sentence email, feel free to schedule a phone call. I keep my calendar up-to-date, so all you have to do is pick a convenient time.